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I'm Anna Cate Peeples. I'm 22 going on about 65. I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in International Business with Business Analytics and Spanish. I'm a self-taught website designer & entrepreneur with a passion for growing businesses. I started Sela Vie after seeing one too many passionate small business owners get stuck in frustration because of technology. I love seeing stress flee as technology starts to work for them, instead of against them.

I work one-on-one with each client to design a custom website or find the perfect technology fit. I hope every client I get the opportunity to work with walks away feeling less stressed & more confident to grow their business!


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david, three arbor insurance

"Anna Cate came referred to me and I plan on referring her to many people as well. Great listener who understood our company’s vision. The website and branding process was easy and well worth the investment. It is perfect!"

kristie, lilliekat rugs

"Anna Cate did a great job launching the website for my business and in ensuring that I understood how to use Shopify as my retail platform. She is extremely professional, conscientious and responsive. I cannot recommend her more highly."

liz huntley, author + speaker

"Anna Cate went above and beyond to help me improve my existing website. She worked with me to rebuild the site and gave me an enormous amount of advice. I highly recommend Anna Cate for website design!"

As I dreamed about goals for my business, I only knew one thing for sure. I wanted to stay true to my two core values: integrity & excellence. As I thought further about what it means to operate a business with integrity, I realized I had to accept slow growth. I determined that I couldn't grow a business at record speed while maintaining a standard of integrity & excellence in everything.

So, with help from friends & family, we settled on Sela Vie, a sort of play-on-words with the French phrase c'est la vie (translating to "such is life"). Selah from the book of Psalms means pause & reflect, and Selá in Hebrew means rock. So, Sela has two special meanings to me: 1. Slowness is a thing to be cherished, and 2. I want to help people build solid foundations so they can grow their business with confidence!

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